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Truffle Balls

Stand Up Bags



Easter Products

Why Swiss Chocolate?

All are products are made of 100% Swiss Chocolate with high quality Swiss ingredients. Swiss Chocolate is linked to high quality, trust and smoother taste and and texture over other chocolate. This is linked to the longer chonching time that increases the flavor release and leads to a incomparable finesse. 

53% of Total Growth in the Premium Chocolate Section is currently coming from Swiss Chocolate. 


About Us

Delica is one of the largest producers of Bean-to-bar Chocolate in the World, produced exclusively in Buchs, Switzerland. It is part of Migros Industry and one of the world’s largest own-brand producers, offering more than 20,000 products in more than 50 countries.

As a proven specialist in needs-oriented concepts, Delica supplies customers with delicious chocolate. Delica is very excited about the partnership with Target and is looking forward to producing many more products for your guests.


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Want to discuss future opportunities?

Please contact Travis Green, Senior Director of Business Development Private Label, for additional information!


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